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kristen is off today. first up a look at that weather forecast and that rain when it is going to arrive. good morning i'm filling in for mike nicco. let's show you the rain this is a cold front hitting parts of the north bay heavy rain with along ukiah on 101 moving towards healdsburg then windsor and santa rosa later this morning. it is going to hit rest of us by lunchtime when it gets to the golden gate bridge. around the bay around 7:00 cloudy if you need to do anything outdoors now is a good time. by noon chance of rain moving in, heavy rain this afternoon, lunchtime low 50s, breezy as well this afternoon. inland valleys, same, cloudy in the morning the chance of the rain moves in lunch heavy and breezy this afternoon,
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showers taper tonight into tomorrow and i'll have your seven day forecast in my longer report. >> all right francis may seem francis dinglasan and i'm doing traffic. stay with abc7 news for continuing coverage. storm hitting the the bay area today. you can track that storm with live doppler. delays eastbound 580 foothill there was an accident there blocking one or more lanes traffic was being diverted on to high street. mass transit on holiday schedule, it is christmas day, except ace, no service today. drive times on the major freeways this morning, very few people out there, 680 at altamont 14 minutes on highway 4, hillcrest 242, 18 minute on 80. look out for high winds on the carquinez bridge.
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breaking news from the south bay right now firefighters are battling a three alarm warehouse fire in campbell. firefighters are responding to the scene it is burning on dell avenue near winchester boulevard. stay with the abc7 morning news we have a crew on the way. we'll bring you an update as soon as we get it. right now christmas day tradition underway in san francisco. volunteers are hard at work to make sure the less fortunate have a warm meal today. kira klapper joins us live from glide memorial church. good morning, merry christmas. >> reporter: good morning, merry christmas to you eric. the annual glide christmas meal is less than an hour away. it will be served 7 a.m., 5,000 meals will be served. volunteers are already here to prepare, listen to this savory mouth-watering selection, ham and eggs, biscuits, oranges, grits and coffee.
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at 9:00, turkey, ham, sweet potatoes and mixed vegetables. 5,000 meals, 650 volunteers will be here throughout the day. we spoke to one volunteer, one man who used to be on the receiving end of the generosity of glide. >> i was a street person a long time ago and i want to give back. >> reporter: what does your morning consist of here? >> i am here most seven days a week, different duties, clean-up. also prepping when necessary. on special days like this, it is different. you get ready to help others and do things, kind of keep things going. >> reporter: glide needs volunteers like milton year round not just during the christmas season. glide serves three meals a day 364 days a year, they get new year's day off.
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players from arizona state are coming in at left:30 to make lunches to serve -- at 11:30 to make lunches. i'm sure it was hard for us to wake up and come in but we are not the only ones at work today these wonderful people are here to make sure those in need will have a very merry christmas. can i throw out i'm having a very merry christmas, because your wife gave us a delicious keach, all of us at abc7 news -- quiche, all of us a at abc7 news. we were also fed, thanks to the thomas family. >> i'll be glad to pass that along. 24 hour strike involving more than 1,000 registered hospitals set< to less than an hour at 7 a.m. this is the 8th walkout by members of the california nurses association against sutter health this year. the union has been in contentious contract negotiations for 18 months.
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sutter health says the strike was shrewdly calculated to cost extra because they have to pay fill-in nurses for the entire week for one day. we havertpñ new video showig firefighters putting out flames on a us airways jet late last night at sky harbor international airport in phoenix. fire officials say a small fire erupted in the rear of the plane. crews sprayed theb foam, it is believed that the auxillary power unit which supplies electricity to the plane overheated. no passengers were on the plane. southwest airlines downplaying it, passengers tell us something happened on a flight phoenix to oakland, fire crews and paramedics responded to the airport for a potential hydraulic failure onboard flight 1033. a flight attendant announced they should be grateful for
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the pilot's skill in landing but didn't say why. no word from southwest. netflix is still down this morning after the video streaming service was mit by a christmas eve outage. the los gatos company apologized in a tweet last night saying i was sorry and engineers are working on it now. a spokesman says the outage stretches across the americas. the company blames amazon's cloud service its web service provider. 6:07. traffic and weather together, next. live look now at doppler 7 hd, you can see a new storm is moving in. it is off the coast. meteorologist francis dinglasan will have your full forecast. we will also check in on the christmas morning traffic. >> also, a christmas celebration for u.s. troops overseas.
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merry christmas. i'm meteorologist francis dinglasan in for mike nicco. you can see the storm is starting to move towards ukiah. right now heavy rain,duw on 101 moving south towards healdsburg north bay late morning all of us around the bay area bay this afternoon with breezy conditions,
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temperatures in the 50s. after the heavy rain ends tomorrow we'll see showers continue but dry thursday. eric has a look at traffic now. yes, i do. still problems from an earlier is on -- accident on 580 at foothill, lanes are blocked chp was diverting traffic on to high street. look outside now the toll plaza bay bridge toll, almost nobody there many people home for the christmas holiday. golden gate bridge very light. earlier this morning there were high wind advisories for several or just about all the bay area bridges that high wind advisory has been lifted. happy driving this morning. new video shows nato troops in afghanistan celebrating christmas troops enjoyed a special meal at the bile international airport yesterday. dinner included -- service
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members from the united states and the czech republic. troops say while they would love to be with their families they believe in the mission and glad to be of service. from california to the east coast, a white countries was across the country. the travel headache expected coast-to-coast as travelers try to navigate through rain, snow and other treacherous conditions. >> another live look at live doppler 7 hd we are continuing to track that storm bearing down on the bay area. we'll check back in with meteorologist francis dinglasan in just a minute.
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good morning i'm meteorologist francis dinglasan in for mike nicco. we have a good storm heading our way, already hitting ukiah along 101 moving south towards healdsburg and santa rosa. rain will be heavy at times this afternoon and breezy, bringing us a chance of thunderstorms this afternoon it will start to taper off late this evening into tomorrow i'll have timing of when it is expected to hit your neighborhood and how much4 rain you can expect in my next full forecast. that storm hitting northern california could make conditions in the sierra better for skiers and snowboarders. look at how things looked yesterday near lake tahoe. the storm that hit over the weekend brought up to 92 the total is 200 inches putting the resort at 50% of
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its average snow pack. 100% of the mountain is now open to visitors as of yesterday. despite good news for ers, the incoming northern california storm could make travel difficult at sfo. add snow, rain and tornadoes j mideast -- middle west and east coast and travel could come to a halt across the country. t.j. winick live from new york to explain. >> reporter: merry christmas. no matter what form this bad weather takes travel today could be dangerous. a white christmas in philadelphia lasted a few hours before snow turned to rain. there are strong storms in the middle of the country, heavy snow in oklahoma which will move into the ohio valley where blizzard warnings are posted. it hasn't been easy for travelers. >> we are hoping with we don't sit on the runway we did that
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last time. >> reporter: a huge storm caused hundreds of delays and cancelled flights in and out of san francisco, putting a wrench in plans. >> after i found out my flight had been cancelled after four hours of waiting in the airport i had to wait in another three hour customer service line which i didn't get to the end of before the booth closed. >> reporter: on the roads the high winds and severe conditions in the sierras made driving nearly impossible. >> it is the most people traveling for the holiday in six years. any bad weather we might be seeing in the coming days could result00 in serious disruptions. >> reporter: expect disruptions tomorrow the day after christmas one of the busiest travel days of the year. expect major airport delays today from boston to seattle. the storms didn't appear to slow the star of the show. >> merry christmas.
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have a good flight. >> reporter: severe weather is also a threat in alabama, mississippi and louisiana today with rare december tornadoes a possibility. live in new york, t.j. winick, abc news. might be quicker to get if place to place on santa's sleigh. meteorologist francis dinglasan is here, glad to have you. busy radar live shot first of the bay area and you can see we've got clear conditions at the surface level but we have a lot of cloud cover the clouds are moving in. with live doppler you can see the rain headed.iasp through pas of northern california. the heavier rain which you can see by yellow and red is hitting right now 101 along you south towards healdsburg
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going to move south throughout the day. in the north day -- northern california rain from crescent city towards healdsburg. look out for the wet conditions this afternoon if you have to do anything outdoors, do it now. current temperatures in the 40s, 42 san rafael, 46 san francisco. cool in fairfield 39°. today it is going to be rainy and breezy, mainly through the afternoon with gusts reaching up to 30, 40 miles an hour. showers continue tomorrow, then it does look dry and coolj thursday in fact, we might have a longer chance to dry out starting thursday. here's a look at satellite radar system this is a big storm, southern end of it, the rain expected to move in late morning through the north bay. forecast model shows you how it is all going to play out. 10:00, most of us still fairly safe in terms of dry
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conditions. 2:00 afternoon you see the heavier rain yellow the cold front moving through as it heads to the south bay and monterey bay turning into showers. tomorrow night looks like it should be fairly quiet into thursday the showers will continue tomorrow. by the end of this look for rain totals to be up to 1.2 inches along the coast peninsula up to 1.2 inches as bay. rainy for christmas, starting this afternoon, possible thunderstorm, showers tomorrow then cloudy thursday and slight chance on saturday mainly looking sunny through monday. >> notli:u that i'm feeling pressure to do traffic right with you looking over my shoulder, but here we go. fender-bender on 880 at whipple causing delays moved to the right. slow traffic due to earlier accident eastbound 580 at
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macarthur in oakland, chp was diverting traffic to high street. let's take a look at 101 south into san francisco, very few headlights coming this way, it is christmas day many have the day off, if you don't beware of the problems on 880 and 580. our storm watch coverage continues next. close eye utility crews are keeping on a levee. >> he's an oscar winning actor and screenwriter. an fed ben affleck makes a an fed ben affleck makes a it seems our angels haveffleck been busy building a new, stronger so it holds up better, kind of angel soft®. it's now built with two softshield™ layers. when wet, new angel soft® is one, two, three times stronger than the leading value brand. well done, angels! stronger, holds up better...
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all wrapped up in a value you love. new angel soft®. now stronger than ever. daisy is 100% pure with nothing else added. meals are simply better with a dollop of daisy. ♪ ♪ do a dollop, do, do a dollop of daisy ♪
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good morning. here's a look at live doppler 7 hd rain heading towards the bay area right now, heavy rain as cold front pushes through look for heavy rain locally at times this afternoon. of course, this does mean a winter storm advisory as well. if you are heading to tahoe, try not to travel this afternoon through tomorrow afternoon. we are expecting 48 inches of snow above 4,000. if you can whole off until thursday that will be a better time to go to and from tahoe. let's take a look at what is trending on twitter in the bay area: it is christmas-related. merry christmas, hash tag
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blessed and saviour all trending. follow us on twitter. new this morning, if a white christmas isn't your thing, head downunder, beachgoers enjoying a sunny christmas morning. the water was choppy this morning and some visitors could be found in their swimwear and santa hats. >> following days of rumors and vague answers, actor ben affleck says he will not run for u.s. senate for massachusetts. affleck made it official on facebook yesterday. speculation had been building that he might run for senator kerry's seat. president obama has nominated kerry to be secretary of state. affleck says he's happy being involved from outside the government and plans on continuing his work campaigning for aid to the eastern congo. getting blown up by seattle was bad enough. now espn is reporting that
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manningham will be out for the rest of the season, injured while being tackled on this play in the 3rd quarter he tore ligaments in his left knee. he made that spectacular catch in last season's super bowl was second on the time in receptions with 42. >> raiders have their own problems. palmer is done for the year after suffering cracked ribs and bruised lung against carolina. palmer go hurt late in the 1st quarter, gets crushed by hardy who got flagged on the phraeufp the coach has not decided who will start sunday in san diego. >> >> 6:26. back on the storm watch, peninsula creek utility crews keeping a close eye on this morning after weekend flooding. bay area air quality officials sounded alarm on woodburning ban. >> reporter: we are 30 minutes
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from the big annual christmas feast at glide memorial. i'm kira klapper live in san francisco i'll introduce you to the important volunteers who make it happen, after the break. as we head toward this commercial break, live look at the bay bridge toll, traffic is christmas daylight and moving right along. more news, weather and traffic, straight ahead on the abc7 morning news.
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. it is christmas day 2012, thank you for starting your day with us. live look from emeryville towards san francisco, lights
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are up, beautiful fuchsia glow on the bay waters from the lights gorgeous morning. i'm eric thomas, kristen sze is off today. first up, if you have been dreaming of a wet christmas, you are going to get your wish. here's francis dinglasan. unfortunately our dry break comes to an end this afternoon for most of us. live look at doppler 7 hd the front is starting to hit healdsburg now along 101 going to move south into the afternoon hours getting most of us wet. also picking up returns around the bay area, right now it is virga so the rain isn't reaching the ground just a lot of moisture in the air you will feel the rain this afternoon heavy rain now through healdsburg, windsor, santa rosa later on this morning even. around the bay look for cloudy start, lunchtime we get the chance of rain heavy rain this afternoon into this evening tapering off tomorrow. inland valleys same thing, chance of rain starts in
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noontime then sticks around the coast you are going to get rain earlier. a look at traffic. still slow traffic on eastbound 580 near macarthur boulevard, you see that on the map. debris on the road or was from earlier accident. we'll tell you when that is cleared. still causing delays. holiday mass transit schedule, everybody is on a holiday schedule except ace train, closed. here's bay area drive times on 580, 680 altamont pass takes 15 minutes on highway 4 hillcrest at 242, 18 minutes on 80 carquinez bridge to the maze, 21 minutes you will have a lot of company on the road with you -- you don't have a lot of company on the road with you this morning. firefighters are battling a three alarm warehouse fire
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in campbell, it is burning on dell avenue near winchester boulevard. stay with the abc7 morning news we have a crew on the way. happening now, christmas day tradition underway in san francisco. volunteers hard at work to make sure less fortunate have a warm meal today. kira klapper is live at glide memorial church. >> reporter: merry christmas, good morning. we are just 30 minutes away interest the annual christmas break fast here at glide. you can see these wonderful souls, look at these volunteers up early on their christmas morning here to give time to make sure those in need get a very merry christmas. it will be a 5,000 meal day here. they are expecting to serve 5,000 meals, ham, eggs, biscuits, oranges, grits and coffee.
6:32 am
then later on lunch will be served, 650 volunteers will make it happen. players from arizona state are coming in to make bagged lunches to serve later tonight and tomorrow. volunteering is imperative here at glide. it is an opportunity for these people to give back. to those who give their time, they say they get so much out of it in return. >> just a great day. because it is the end of the season it is like a lot of love and fun. it is probably like the best day in the holiday season to work. >> reporter: they need volunteers year round. you can go to their website you can even donate money or click on their schedule to come in and volunteer. glide serves 364 days a year, three meals. they need people year round the only day off they give themselves is new year's day.
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it will be a very merry christmas and will continue for the next six days. kira klapper, abc7 news. 6:34. thousands of bay area children not expecting anything for christmas will get a special surprise this morning. lefty o'doul's in san francisco collected 6,000 toys in a last minute toy drive. they took donations up until 2:00 this morning. the goal was 15,000 toys. right now volunteers are sorting out the toys and san francisco firefighters and police officers will fan out throughout the city today to make this special -- make the special deliveries. vallejo man fighting for his life after it was hit in the crosswalk during a street race the crash happened at broadway and hogan avenue next to highway 37 last night the driver who ran him down, took . police believe the victim was knocked 50 feet by either within or two vehicles that
6:34 am
were drag -- one or two vehicles that were drag racing. police say cars are known to speed up and down this broadway street. >> something our traffic unit has been aware of as well as our uniformed officers who attempt to come out whenever possible. when we do traffic enforcement or dui enforcement is an area we've always focused on. >> police are paying a lot of attention to what may have been serial numbers on a few car parts left behind. the victim was listed in grave condition at a local hospital. back to our storm watch coverage. another storm is hitting the bay area this christmas day. utility crews in east palo alto spending christmas watching a leaky levee on a customer of san francisquito creek sunday night?zay the --
6:35 am
several hopes had to be evacuated. con -- several homes had to be evacuated. construction will begin next year. authoritys in nevada county has not identified a snowboarder killed in anafter yesterday morning before noon deputies were alerted a snowboarder had not returned from a run. search-and-rescue crews bombed the area. >> his friend the other friends in our group were looking for him but they didn't find him he was at the bottom of the cliff. >> was found under up to three feet of snow 50-year-old man from the truckee area. >> member of alpine ski patrol in critical condition after being caught in an avalanche yesterday morning. another member of the patrol detonated a charge. tell members dug the patroller out within eight -- team
6:36 am
members dug the patroller out of the snow within eight minutes. there is spare the air alert in effect this morning. the bay area air quality management district was asking people not to burn wood yesterday because it didn't want pollution to build up following recent weekend rain. management officials warned build-up could have led to a spare the air alert today, but there is no spare the air alert. traffic and weather together, next. live look at traffic maybe i should say live look at the golden gate bridge without traffic. meteorologist francis dinglasan will have your wet christmas day forecast. we'll check the traffic elsewhere this morning. >> thousands make their way to vatican city for christmas day. pope's message to the faithful.
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we come back -- welcome back and merry christmas. we have a strong cold front heading our way you can see it the areas of yellow the last three hours that's where we are going to see heavy rain move through it is going to slide down into the bay area by lunch time. currently, it is hitting 101, healdsburg through clear lake now. this heavy rain will end tomorrow turn into showers then we have partly cloudy conditions on thursday and dry again we'll need that friday. eric has traffic. >> i do. thank you. how am i doing? >> you're great! >> thank you very much. i-80 through berkeley, this time of morning this would be packed but it is christmas morning so traffic is very light and moving along.
6:40 am
toll plaza bay bridge, christmas morning light. of course many having the day off today. a live look in the south bay, san jose highway 87, traffic almost nonexistent out there. if you do have to drive, should see smooth sailing except for a couple spots. 6:41. >> pope benedict xvi used his christmas message to the world today to say people should never lose hope for peace. the pope delivered his message morning and to millions watching. during his sermon the pope decried what he calls the slaughter of the defenseless in syria and urged israel list and palestinians to find the courage to negotiate. he encouraged arab spring nations, especially egypt to build just and respectful societies. in san francisco worshippers gathered at grace cathedral for a light night service at 11:00 one of the most popular christmas eve masses in the bay area.
6:41 am
the choir performed, grace cathedral will hold another service today at 11 a.m.. christmas day visitors for former south african president nelson mandela, as he remains hospitalized. do you have a new ipad under the tree? it may be out-of-date. we'll explain.
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merry christmas. rain is on its way. see it with live doppler 7 hd. areas with yellow and orange show strong cold front pushing through. currently along 101 past south
6:44 am
ukiah heading towards healdsburg rain in the north bay late this morning. this also means snow in the sierra. there's a winter weather advisory starting this afternoon at 4:00, continuing until 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. lots of snow up there, chain controls, try avoid travelingc#6 during that time. full weather forecast, coming up. we have news now. 6:45. today marks five years since that deadly tiger attack at the san francisco zoo. tatiana, a 320 pound siberian killed one person and mauled two others in 2007 after escaping from grotto. she was shot dead by police officers. i was never proved investigators believe she was provoked killing 17-year-old. >> christmas day i have a mass in honor of him at church too.
6:45 am
>> he tells abc7 news he finds some solace saying something positive did cop out of the tragedy the zoo has raised the walls 10 1/2 feet higher after an investigation found they were lower than federal safety recommendations. charles dur ining has died. he died yesterday in his home in manhattan he was 89-years-old. durning may be best known as a corrupt governor in the 1982 best whorehouse in texas. private service planned at arlington national cemetery. former president george h work bush is spending christmas day in the -- george
6:46 am
-- former south african president mandela also in the hospital this christmas morning. the 94-year-old has received round-the-clock care since an acute respiratory infection in 2011. he was hospitalized for a lung infection december 8th. the south african government said his family visited him in the hospital today. one week until the country goes over the so-called fiscal cliff. now some conservative leaders are coming forward to say they believe the president wants the country to go over. >> does the president wants to take us over the cliff? i think he does. he needs an execution for the next four years of failure, blaming it on bush doesn't work much. regulations and spending he has put on -- he has put on
6:47 am
the economy for the next four years going to put us in recession, regardless of the fiscal cliff. >> glover for questions made the comments yesterday on cnn if a -- grover norquist made the comments yesterday on cnn. new this morning, 7-eleven trying to get healthier. the chain is in the process of introducing more nutritious items. that includes yogurt parfaits and lean turkey sandwiches. 7-eleven wants 20% sales to come from fresh foods byb7ñ the end of 2015. also retooling old favorites. jelly doughnuts sold in miniature versions. that ipad under your tree may already be out-of-date. a japanese tech blog reports a new version of the popular
6:48 am
tablet will hit stores in march, the blog says the new ipad will be thinner and lighter than the last, possibly as thin as the ipad mini. >> here's bloomberg reporter deborah costra. good morning. merry christmas if you want to keep holidays merry and avoid unexpected medical bills remove all medications from cabinets into a secure area to protect loved ones who might be visiting, they can be taken by mistake or worse. more than half of the people addicted to prescription drugs got them from family and families and unfortunately, for free. meantime, ups taking a break after the holidays, more consumers shop online they will probably have to return or exchange unwanted gifts, ups expects to transport more than two million packages back to retailers during the first week of january next year.
6:49 am
january 3rd, national return day. investors remain skeptical that congress and president obama can reach agreement on the budget. that sent stocks lower and the markets are closed today for christmas holiday. if you are still undecided about what to do for new years hotwire out with most popular destinations orlando number one, many of the theme parks have celebrations. chicago and las vegasyq,ñ new york made top five as did miami. at the new york stock exchange, i'm deborah costra with the bloomberg business report. i'm sure san francisco is on that list. if you are coming here bring your umbrella today. first we'll start off with a beautiful live shot from the embarcadero looking out towards the bay bridge. right now we have cloudy conditions all around the bay area.
6:50 am
we'll also go to live doppler, we are picking up returns around the bay and south bay, but there's a lot of moisture in the air, not hitting the ground this is called virga, where we see rain now, the areas of yellow that's the cold front moving through hitting the coast right now and 10 waup along healdsburg, it is going to spread south into the bay area hitting most of us this afternoon, heavy at times even breezy. right now mainly 40s with exception of fairfield and livermore at 39°. 40 concord, cool start, 43 mountain view as well. going to be rainy and breezy today, even a chance of a thunderstorm later on. showers tomorrow, rain will start to taper in the north bay tonight tomorrow as well. dry and cool thursday. looks like we can give our umbrellas a break starting thursday, possibly into this weekend. i want to show you the forecast model, 10:00, if you
6:51 am
have to do anything outdoors, you should be safe by 10:00, then it starts to hit santa rosa, and you see the strong cold front, going to move through by lunchtime, the south bay should be okay all of us should start to see light rain falling through, heaviest rain as the front moves through into the afternoon and then evening, that's when the rain will spread towards monterey bay as well. tomorrow we'll see lingering showers in the morning starts to taper into the afternoon, by evening it should be over, thursday is looking dry. when this is all over we expect up to 1.2 inches if in the north bay higher elevations and -- santa cruz mountains from 4/10 of an inch to half an inch for the most part. highs today in the 50s 53 san francisco, mid 50s there. we've two a wet and windy one
6:52 am
today, showers tomorrow, dry thursday, mainly dry into the new year let's hope. there were earlier problems stemming from an accident on eastbound 580 at macarthur, still problems there expect delays. mass transit around the bay area today, everybody is on a holiday schedule except ace which is not running today. as we look in the north bay at traffic 101 san rafael, terra linda area few headlights southbound into san francisco very light christmas day traffic. >> ahead, five things to know before you go. we are back in 60 seconds.
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6:54. five things to know before you go: number one, breaking news out of the south bay, fire crews
6:54 am
on the scene of a warehouse fire in campbell. this is a live look near dell and winchester boulevard. the fire is said to be under control. a chief says crews are moving inside the building to take a closer look at damage. >> number two, minutes from the annual christmas day feast at glide memorial church in san francisco. volunteers are hard at work to make sure the less fortunate have a warm meal today. glide is planning to serve 5,000 meals starting at 7:00 this morning. >> number three, pope benedict xvi delivered his christmas message this morning to 50,000 gathered at st. peters square. he spread a hopeful message calling for peace in of the world's hot spots. he also delivered holiday greatings in 65 languages. >> number four, utility crews in east palo alto spending christmas watching a leaking levee. the levee is on a curve of
6:55 am
san francisquito creek, seven homes were evacuated when the creek overflowed construction on new levees begins next year. á,md light that wood fire for christmas, there are no spare the air alerts today. yesterday bay area air quality managers asked people to voluntarily avoid wood fires to prevent build-up of air pollution. it worked. final check on the weather. going to be rain today. >> rainy and windy especially this afternoon. here's live doppler 7 hd, strong cold front starting to sweep south. already hitting parts of the north bay went through 101 through burg through -- through healdsburg, bodega bay, temperatures in the 50s today, showers tomorrow, drier thursday. a look at traffic quickly on this christmas morning.
6:56 am
bay bridge toll what happened everybody, nobody there. golden gate bridge is light as well. merry christmas everyone. the abc7 morning news continues in+h 25 minutes with news, weather and traffic during "good morning america." my christmas gift was to be again paired with francis dinglasan. breaking news out of the south way crews on the scene of a warehouse fire in campbell now under control. firefighters are in the building at dell and winchester. more
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>> mer good morning, america. and merry christmas. this morning, as you gather with your family around the tree, opening up the presents, celebrate with us, all that is special about today. and we're going to show you just how to make all those toys and gadgets work, so you can actually play with them right now. and we have a special treat this morning. mario batali is here, joining in on our merriment. he will show us how to make a tasty christmas breakfast. and we're all going to be put to the test with the ultimate gingerbread house competition. who will build the sweetest house of all? we will find out. and a universe-wide

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